Then She’d Know

Gary Matheny

(guitar riff………)

In the morning in the early fall

underneath the tree that stands so tall

I saw her by the lake

Hair blowing in the autumn wind

She looked like a goddess tall and thin

I saw her bye the lake


her heart I want to win she doesn’t know that I exist

what I’d give to get real close for just one

just one little kiss

But I know……yes I know

(major guitar riff)  (rhythm continues playing)

If she would just notice me..look into my eyes

and then she’d see….my love

then she’d know

reach out and take my hand…walk with me

…through the sands of time

then she’d know


what I’d give to get real close..for just one little kiss           

just a moment’s pleasure in a world..that don’t exist     

but I know…..yes I know

yes I know……then she’d know      

I love her so